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About Becker International Management

Profound international experience

Thanks to its founder and CEO expertise in Development - Production Engineering, International Project - Supply Chain Management, Best Cost Country Sourcing (Asia Sourcing: India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China), Finances and the management at the CEO level of international operating corporations combined with it sound languages skills in German, French, English and Chinese, Becker International SA provides an integral approach and solutions to your challenges. Becker International SA renders its services to renown companies like Philips, TRW, Continental Automotive Systems, Bosch, Thales Group, SEB, Legrand.

  1. International Management Services & Consultancy
    Becker International provides management and first class consulting services to technology or service companies active on an international level

  2. Sales, Marketing & Distribution of complex products and services
    Becker International indicates you the direction to take and set up your organisation to increase your TO and to acquire new market shares. Becker International covers sales, marketing & distribution services for your organisation and uses its networks and important data base to bring your product and services fast to the market. Becker International trains your leaders, managers and sales teams to be more efficient in sales and to reach the set targets.

  3. Asia and Best Cost Country Sourcing Consultancy
    Becker International coaches you how to deal with the Asian Supply Markets in an integral approach and shows up the products and services which are suitable to be outsourced to Best Cost Countries.

  4. Audit & Procurement
    Becker International acts as your procurement company and supplies products sourced from Best Cost Countries DDP to your facilities. We identify, select and audit new potential suppliers for you and supply the goods to the locations you need. We take care of logistics, importation, VAT, duty payment and financing. Everything out of one hand, all products supplied to your door custom cleared and excl. VAT.
    Becker International is your Bridge to the Best Cost Country Supply Markets.

  5. Supply Chain consultancy and management
    Becker International brings your organisation the integral solution to your supply chain challenges and provides to your team the support in all phases of procurement.

  6. Importation, Distribution, Retail
    Use Becker International as your importer and distributor to the European markets.
    Becker International takes care of transport, importation, VAT and custom clearance and the distribution of your products by employing our strategic located warehouses in Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg. Becker International builds up your retail network and handles all marketing tasks to make your brand renown and boost your sales in Europe.

  7. Project Management
    Becker International manages your most challenges projects like crisis-, change-management as well as product and service specific projects.

  8. Merger und Acquisition
    Becker International has a sound experience in the set- and start-up of international companies as well as in merger, acquisitions, and finance.

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